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Sleep Awareness Issues In the US At A Glance


An estimated 52 million Americans have sleep disordered breathing.

1 in 5

1 in 5 have mild apnea while 1 in 15 have severe apnea


47% of U.S. adults feel well rested after a good night's sleep. 

20 million new cases of sleep disordered breathing are identified each year. 

Help your patients sleep better at night and protect their overall wellbeing with a sleep appliance from DSG.

With over 20 years of experience in dental sleep medicine, we partner with the leading Manufacturers to offer a carefully selected line of FDA-cleared oral appliances to treat snoring and sleep apnea.

Our internationally recognized sleep technicians and trainers will help you choose the right appliance for each patient, simply complete the form and they will reach out to you.

Also, scroll down to find more resources on dental sleep medicine including upcoming CE Webinars and special episodes of the DSG Connect Podcast.

Contact us and let our sleep appliance experts help you choose the right appliance.

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No storage in water


With Intra-oral Technologies

3 Year

Comprehensive Warranty

To get started contact Julie Zerbe at DSG Davis, 800-253-9227 ext 5204, in Canada call 877-374-5227. 

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DSG Sleep Resources

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How Does Poor Sleep Impact Your Health

What is OSA (Obstructive Sleep Apnea)? And how does it impact your health?

DSG Sleep Therapies Overview

Introducing all the sleep appliances that DSG's expert labs can fabricate for your patients!

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Panthera D-SAD Brochure

Pathera's D-SAD sleep appliance will allow your patient to breathe quietly while getting a restful night of sleep.


Sleep Appliance  Chairside Guide

This guide will provide quick reference to all the sleep appliances DSG offers.

Tune in this month to our podcast and educational webinars and learn from industry leaders in Sleep Medicine. See a listing of dates below.


DSG Podcasts


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Tuesday - 3/2

Panthera - Modern Sleep Appliances

Kim Solomon - Sr. VP of Sales

Andreas Klie - RDT, Regional Director of Sales

Tuesday - 3/9

Sleep Disorder Solutions

Dr. Viviano, DDS D ABDSM

Tuesday - 3/16

Sleep Apnea Slayer

Lisa Moler, CEO MedMark Media LLC

Tuesday - 3/23

Sleep Solutions - Sleep Better Live Better

Dr. Patrick Lillis, DDS

Dr. Erin Elliot, DDS

Tuesday - 3/30

Sleep Solutions - Breath, Relax, Dream


DSG Webinars


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Thursday - 3/25

Introducing the Panthera X3 Snoring and Sleep Apnea Treatment Appliance

Andreas Klie - Regional Director of Sales: Panthera


Intro to Dental Sleep Medicine

Dr. Viviano, DDS D ABDSM


CPAP vs Oral Appliance Therapy – which is better and what they don’t teach you in Dental School

Dr. Viviano, DDS D ABDSM


Nylon Sleep Appliances, CAD CAM Technologies and Panthera Dental D-SAD Product Training

Dr. Viviano, DDS D ABDSM